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Enyimba vs Doma United Match Controversy: NFF’s Ruling Nullifies Goal

In a recent development, the Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation has carefully reviewed the NPFL match between Doma United and Enyimba FC, which has been marred by controversy and dispute.

After thorough examination, the committee has firmly concluded that no legitimate goal was scored during the game, responding to the protest filed by Doma United against the initial ruling by the NPFL.

During their investigation, the committee unearthed intriguing information regarding the testimony provided by the referee. Initially, the referee claimed that the goal was scored from an offside position, only to retract this statement later on.

Shockingly, the referee divulged that he faced intense pressure from the home team officials, which coerced him into altering his report while secluded in the locker room.

After meticulous consideration, the committee reached several significant findings related to the incident.

They denounced the referee’s decision to modify his initial ruling after the game had resumed, noting that such actions violate Law 5, FIFA/IFAB Laws of the game.

Additionally, the committee expressed strong disapproval of the referee’s unprecedented departure from the pitch to review the section of the match in the Outside Broadcasting Van (OB Van), as such practices are not in line with established protocols followed by FIFA, CAF, NFF, and NPFL.

Taking all aspects into account, the committee upheld the result of the match as a 0-0 draw, confirming the disallowed goal scored from an offside position.

They also supported the NPFL’s declaration that the match be considered conclusive, in accordance with Rule B.13.55.2 of the NPFL Framework and Rules.

Notably, the committee acknowledged the shortcomings of the Match Commissioner, emphasizing the need for more effective fulfillment of their responsibilities.

It is important to note that the committee’s decisions do not preclude the right to appeal.

Parties involved have the option to seek further recourse if necessary.

The committee’s primary objective throughout this process has been to ensure fairness, integrity, and adherence to the established rules and regulations governing football.

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